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Lilly - aka the "Boss"
Lilly - aka the "Boss"
Lilly <Aegis Fleur De Lis> is a classic always on duty guardian. She is no nonsense, diligent, on guard 24x7 and willing to take charge at a moment’s notice. Lilly just might have been the LONGEST living Kuvasz in the world –  14 years/11 months and at 85 pounds she was a very stout guardian.
Here is how’s personality quiz classifies Lilly – and it’s pretty much on point! - “The Boss” “Your dog is a born leader. Confident, smart, and independent, she may not always like being told what to do. But she likes to play as hard as she works, and you're her favorite "employee." <Lilly RIP 04/2018>
Iris - aka the "Clown"
Iris <Lofranco’s Remembering Joy> is the life of the party - hence  the Clown label. Always ready to play and just have a fun time.  At 105 pounds she is a powerful doggie! In short Iris is a clown! But – do not for one second think you can come into her domain!
She is highly active and VOCAL will instantly switch to guard mode if anyone comes into her space!’s personality quiz classifies Lilly – not surprisingly exactly the same as Lilly! Aka “The Boss” :-0
Why @Brent_BWD? 
I chose this Twitter handle to reflect that I live with two Big White Dogs!!
I have two marvelous female canine companions – both are Kuvasz – a relatively unknown breed in the AKC Working Group.  Notice I did not say I “own” a Kuvasz. The Kuvasz is not “owned”. Rather they allow you into their family network and in return they are loyal guardian protectors of the entire family.
Most folks who have multiple canines in their homes quickly understand that dogs – much like homo sapiens are each unique and have individual unique personalities. has a fun and fast doggie personality profiler tool. 
So let’s meet the girls, Lilly and Iris!
So while their core traits seem very consistent – Lilly and Iris’s daily personalities are very unique – just like us people folk. You can learn more about the Kuvasz breed here and on Wikipedia
If by chance you are interested in bringing a Kuvasz guardian into your life. Lofranco Kuvasz is the absolute single BEST Kuvasz breeder to consider.  
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